Our Story

Campbell Luke was conceived in 2015 by Bobby Luke (tribal affiliations Ngāti Ruanui, Taranaki descent) and his partner Dominic Blake has now joined the team to complement knowledge and business growth of the brand (tribal affiliations Ngati Kahungunu). We have a strong kaupapa Māori work ethic, developed over the years of working collaboratively with whānau and Iwi for whānau and Iwi. We have a vision of presenting Māori excellence both culturally and commercially.

Growing up at his mother’s knee and witnessing the workings of the Pā, in particular, the women working within the kitchen, he was inspired to combine fond, early childhood memories and design aesthetic to create collections. The concept of ‘ Kakahu Hau’ meaning breath of life into the kākahu (clothes), taking us on a journey of elegance, feminism, and strength.  Delivering business with a kaupapa Māori ethos gives us a point of difference and a foundation built on centuries of tradition.

The concept of ‘Rongo’ (deity of peace) which also traverses into the concept of Manākitanga (caring for, looking after) is part of the Campbell-Luke Identity. The Manākitanga aesthetic is centralised around memories of an era when the simplest of activities in domestic life, housewares and linens, delivered whānau(family) values, dignity and now nostalgia on a daily basis. The lessons of entrepreneurialism, realities of small business, in my final year of completing a Ph.D. at AUT, advocates of change to current social impacts of culture within fashion and fashion education set both young men & women on a future of paving journeys for Moko generations (our grandchildren’s generations). With a strong matriarchal upbringing, Bobby strives to decolonise fashion aesthetics, to empower women’s individuality and to inspire creativity through sentimental design and articles of our past.